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:the Composer: :the Composer:

Rated 5 / 5 stars

...I have nowords todescribe howthis mademe feel..

It's people like you that make Newgrounds the beautiful place it is. The creators of the hidden (and not so hidden) gems such as this one. As you sift through all the hentai galleries and random two second loops posted here (most of which are great anyway (I'm no big fan of either one, but I don't hold a submission's category against it, so no offense to anyone who thinks the world of such examples, but I wanted to express my gratitude to this user, JAZZA, as he is the second person across the entire web to actually show me something more motivating than nearly anything I've ever experienced)), but none of those could ever compare to something of this nature)... while sifting though decent flashes and the occasional bad flash, you come across something with true meaning behind it, and something so beautiful, that it makes you glad to think your eyes actually fell upon such a vision of magnificance. At least the second best work I've seen upon this site, falling second to only "How old are you now?" however, I am torn and am willing to say both are equals due to the fact that this is just so fantastic... I am, and this does not occur often (being a poet/fellow musician I always have something to say), speechless... This is a true work of art that deserves recognition on a much larger scale.

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How Are You Now? How Are You Now?

Rated 5 / 5 stars


It's been a long time since something on the internet made me cry... I don't care what language it was originally in or even if it had any audio at all, the animation behind it was powerful enough on it's own. Furthermore, the audio you placed behind the animation was almost as well done as the animation, this very well may be a perfect flash, and in my eyes, the best flash on all of Newgrounds.

The concept alone is enough for a 10/10, I wish there were more stars on the rating bar or a higher number to place on the submission voting thing, cause you deserve more credit than almost anyone else I've seen on Newgrounds, if not everyone else. No words can truly express how moved this has made me.

I never pray, but tonight, and every night from now on, you, your people, and the victims, shall all be in my prayers as well as my heart.

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$00pah NiN10Doh! $00pah NiN10Doh!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Truly amazing. One question though.

In the four swords part, the link with brown hair, was that supposed to be you Kirbopher? Either way though, good job, you and all your additional animators deserve all the cookies you can eat. ^_^

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Come2Play Checkers Come2Play Checkers

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Several complaints.

First off, load time can be pathetically long. Secondly, if you get into a position where you can jump someone, you have to. This is very annoying and for the most part, accomplishes nothing but annoy your players. Thirdly, if you get into the position to jump and can do a double jump or more, you must rapid click or the game assumes that you have finished your turn, there is no indicator that you must do so and this can cost you the match quite often, especially if your reflexes are a bit slow. Overall, this is a very good game, but as I say with all things I review and rate lower than a 10, there is room for improvement.


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super sweatshop mastar super sweatshop mastar

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Warning: Game is better than stated in review.

Personally I like this game. It's based around simple concepts and easy controls, but it's confusing as heck. Several suggestions for improvement:

1-Crashing into a landmass resulting in a megaman-death-ish explosion is not quite the most obvious way to signify victory.

2-Also, I recommend finding a way to better differentiate between victory and defeat. The guy waving his arms around in the air and the large print "PWNED" seems more appropriate as a reaction to defeat as it is rare that an AI will say "PWNED" if you beat it. I recommend adding some way to show better difference from win and lose as these two could very well be reversed and possibly understood better.
-The simplest solution to all these problems (or rather ambiguities) is to dictate an actual set of directions rather than saying basically, get to America (which makes the game seem like a fly-as-far-as-you-can game (the fact that it cuts you off after you reach a certain point anyway makes it seem like it is such a game))
actually say "fly into America" or something. (also, in order to save the broken-English effect of the game maybe just change "PWNED" to "Win" and "Lose" on the screen (in a game that uses such broken-English to add to the feel and mood of the game, "PWNED" is a slang term so it doesn't really fit so well).

It took me several days to figure out that the point of the game is actually to take your giant flying shoe and crash it into the floating island originally from Sonic 3 (apparently America has discovered the Master Emerald). Perhaps you should eliminate the "floating-island-America" concept here and just make the cut off for flying too far be the victory spot. (I mean seriously, how can one do better than they were supposed to and still be penalized for it... it makes less sense than the floating island thing.

3-also another suggestion, add music. with the exception of the win and lose chimes and the sound effects, this game is practically soundless. Now I like silent movies as much as the next guy, but perhaps that could add to the effect (especially if you added music that is specific to China and the like)

Overall however, it was a game that was much better than the average game submitted to newgrounds, hence why it's on my favorites. I just think there's quite a bit of room for improvement and reduction of ambiguity. All of that being said, excellent first flash.


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Space Invaders v1.0 Space Invaders v1.0

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very nice rendition...

Personally, I love what you've done with this game. I love the sound: from the effects to the actual song in the background, I enjoy the way the sounds just seem to work together. I also think that the design of the enemy ships is very nicely done. Also, the lack of shields, while making it slightly more inaccurate to the original, I think is a good point that makes this version unique, it adds a bit more challenge to the game as opposed to having a player just sit and weave in and out of shielding practically invincible.

Two suggestions however:

1.) When the wave is shortened (e.g. a full column of enemies is destroyed) the full wave doesn't move to the same spot at the sides of the screen that it would've with that column intact. I recommend (and I'm very new to flash (though not to programming), so I don't know if this helps) having a hit box (or some kind of borderline or something) surrounding the screen where you want the wave to turn around (and lower one level) in order to add consistency to this. I don't know if it's possible, but you may be able to make this change in movement by the enemies an event linked to their collision with the hit box. (Just a suggestion that may make it better, mainly in my own opinion though.) I've noticed, though, that you mention in a response to another previous comment that the wave is made up of one container sprite, so maybe add a line of code or something that will (upon the destruction of a single column of fighters) shorten the length of the container by the length of the column. (Again, I dunno if this is possible in flash)

2.) I suggest making it so two bullets can be on screen at once, (I don't remember for the life of me whether or not the original had a limit of one bullet on screen at a time or not) or maybe increase the speed of the bullets. (I do remember that the bullets in the original (or at least the version I played most) were a lot faster than the ones here.)

Other than that, I loved it. Best flash Space Invaders I've played thus far. And if you had some sort of solution for both of those things, well then I'd say it'd be a solid 10.

Hope that helps,

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Tetris Jumpstyle RemiX Tetris Jumpstyle RemiX

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I love Tetris and I love this remix!

Way to go on this awesome remix! Tetris always had good music, but this remix is at least as good as the original song, if not better ^_^