Here's the deal

2009-01-03 13:56:48 by KazumaKyaroru

People who are jackasses will be banned. Just figured I'd bring that out to you all, not gonna say any names *cough*lololololol-bot*cough* Especially one's such as previously mentioned who have useless pages that make mockeries of the freedoms given on Newgrounds. (If you don't believe me (especially if you're a moderator/admin/bot who's about to delete me cause of this post referring to someone else in a negative way), take a peak at this user's page and tell me it's not questionable when random minors view profile pages without any warning of such material being present) If you have a comment, feel free to share it, you do (far as I know and am concerned) have freedom of speech, however, I do warn you that unless you have something nice to say, a decent question, or comment, or some constructive criticism, I have the right to ban you.
Thank you and have a good day.

As for you lololololol-bot, at current you are not banned, because I did not say such before you posted, however, from this point forward, if you are going to say something dumb such as in your deleted comment: name calling, save it for someone who actually cares.


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2009-01-04 05:04:17

Wow it seems you have something against lololololol-bot, but I agree, this is something that's not alright, especially since newgrounds is visited by everyone, from all ages and gender, but I though people weren't allowed to do pages like that for their profiles and submission, but I guess I was wrong.

(Updated ) KazumaKyaroru responds:

Well when a person calls you some vulgar names and you've done nothing (far as I know I didn't do anything) wrong or to provoke it, it gets me a bit angry, I get enough of it at school. So when I'm on winter break and I simply wanna enjoy Newgrounds and actually customize my page in some way and get such comments in return for my actually sharing my plans with this site... I dunno, just gets me mad, I mean that and the fact that the person hasn't even had an account for a week yet and hasn't truly done anything really constructive either and is lashing out at random people like that... just not right in my eyes. In addition, I have younger siblings who use this site very frequently (mainly for the Mario sprite videos, etc, but...) they have full access to lololololol-bot's page, and thus, if they stumble across it... Well, the affect is obvious (I think -_- ) And then there's the issue of the fact that I don't think you can restrict users from viewing your profile page, but I dunno, honestly I'm kinda finished dealing with him, if he bugs me, I'm just gonna ignore him, that's what the red link that says ban user is for anyway, right? Thanks for your comment, that was pretty much the first decent one I've gotten on the web as a whole (with the exception of replies to my flash reviews of course) And glad you agree on said page issue, well time for me to wrap this response up, so thanks again, and see you around on Newgrounds!