2009-01-10 01:17:40 by KazumaKyaroru

This is getting a bit ridiculous, you people complain about lag and give stuff bad ratings just cause "dis ain't my style, but wuz gud 'nuff. Hahahaha" C'mon people, more than three quarters of the time, the lag is because you have a slow computer or a bad internet connection, most of these "laggy submissions" run smoother than silk on my computer, and mine isn't anywhere near top of the line. On to the second part, that's getting a bit ridiculous, really now... Rate something low if it's bad, and EVEN THEN, GIVE CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM, how can the author improve said flash? Don't rate low if you don't like it. And another thing, you guys all bitch about "use proper Engrish in flashes," but look at your own comments to these flashes, it's as though none of you has ever bothered to even try learning your precious "proper English."

Now yes, there is a large portion of Newgrounds that this does not apply to (the main 90 percent of Newgrounds, please forgive my rant, you are awesome. ^_^)

However, the other ten percent, you really need to either go and learn this "proper" way to talk, learn to like EVERYTHING, and buy new, somewhat decent computers, or simply STFU and learn to stop acting the way you are currently. Seriously, you people can be the worst people on the internet... But... you have the potential to be the best, now if you could just start giving decent reviews, maybe we'd be getting somewhere and contributing something to "society."

Anyways, to all of you to whom this does not apply, again, I apologize for this rant, but some stuff must be said, and I appreciate your patience with me. As for the rest of you... yeah... work on that stuff please. It'd benefit everyone. So yeah...
K peoples, byes.


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2009-01-10 09:32:52

Yeah, well, people can and will be harsh and asshole-ish when reviewing or voting. Besides, the "Vote 0" button is there for a reason - to allow someone who didn't like it to give out his vote on it, not that it really affects it a lot.

While I am a good reviewer, who does use his "Proper English", there will always be assholes who give a comment instead of a review, and will misspell something and give a low score because they have been and always will be an asshole, or just plain ignorant.

KazumaKyaroru responds:

Exactly. Thanks for your comment and opinion. ^_^