I'm Quitting Newgrounds...

2009-07-26 19:10:23 by KazumaKyaroru

Since I haven't given much to this site, I don't think anyone will really miss me here, and since the one reason I came to this site to begin with is gone, I don't feel this site is doing me any good at this point. So to those of you who've listened or tried to contact me, thank you for your kindness. And for those of you who have made my stay here enjoyable, thank you as well. For all you spammers and flamers out there, screw yourselves. And to those of you who actually take the time out to give decent reviews and/or flashes thanks too. There's about a 1 in 1000 chance I will return at some point, so in case that happens I'm not deleting this account or closing it or anything. I probably will be back at some point, and hopefully have something to submit when I do. Anyway, that's about it for now. Thanks Newgrounds for the countless hours of mindless fun, see ya later.

Kazuma Signing Out,

P.S. Watch out, ceiling cat is watching you masturbate!

I'm Quitting Newgrounds...


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2009-07-26 19:13:34

Peace yo.


2009-07-26 19:17:15

Probably gonna miss you...If I knew you...


2009-07-26 19:28:10

Sad you had to go, you seemed like you'd be a great contributor.


2009-07-26 20:19:32

No one will miss you.