Well, that thing I was hoping for happened, so now I've got the free time to keep up with this account again and play games and such. And yes, eventually create stuff. Dunno for now, but I'm working at it, and to all who responded to my last post, I appreciate your kindness, and in one case, truthfulness. -_-

So I'm back,

I'm Quitting Newgrounds...

2009-07-26 19:10:23 by KazumaKyaroru

Since I haven't given much to this site, I don't think anyone will really miss me here, and since the one reason I came to this site to begin with is gone, I don't feel this site is doing me any good at this point. So to those of you who've listened or tried to contact me, thank you for your kindness. And for those of you who have made my stay here enjoyable, thank you as well. For all you spammers and flamers out there, screw yourselves. And to those of you who actually take the time out to give decent reviews and/or flashes thanks too. There's about a 1 in 1000 chance I will return at some point, so in case that happens I'm not deleting this account or closing it or anything. I probably will be back at some point, and hopefully have something to submit when I do. Anyway, that's about it for now. Thanks Newgrounds for the countless hours of mindless fun, see ya later.

Kazuma Signing Out,

P.S. Watch out, ceiling cat is watching you masturbate!

I'm Quitting Newgrounds...

Time to annoy you all with another pointless rant...

2009-01-21 04:59:00 by KazumaKyaroru

I have recently come across a few very interesting things on Newgrounds...
First, is this: people who randomly view others' profiles, just so they can post some random crap spam comment on there: "U suck ballz, lol" or "fag fag fag fag." I mean really, have people no lives? I certainly do not, but come on damn it. This is ridiculous, and usually, what makes it even worse, is that 90% of the time, it's done in such a manner to either be distasteful sexually or in a racist manner... I'll come back to this in a second. Okay, next topic.

Have you ever seen these asses who sit there and give such positive comments and almost always include "5/5 10/10" in the text of the comments, and yet, their reviews say they gave the flash a zero? What the hell? Really. This is highly annoying. I'm sitting here, after having posted my own opinion on a flash, whether it was good or not, and am reading the other comments to see what others have to say and view the flash from other constructive points of view, and it's bad enough when they just say, "This is shit, BLAM IT," don't even get me started on that, I already posted about that, but then these users, turn around and contradict themselves in comment form on the flashes. There seem to be two possible reasons for it, the first, and nicer of which, is pretty sad: they forget to click the number they want to give with the review; or number two, they attempt to be funny/sarcastic and think themselves all intellectual or whatever and decide they're gonna make fun of flashes. And I've seen some real jerks who've done this more times than I can count, so I know they don't just forget to click that number.

Here's another fun observation, this one applying to everything previously mentioned in this post, and one reason why whenever I myself review something I try to be as fair as possible: Idiots on here that turn around and have either been on Newgrounds since it started, or have just signed up a week ago, and either way, have no submissions themselves, and think (and state in comments/reviews) "this is crap. oh yeah, I could do better than this!" IF YOU REALLY THINK SO, PROVE IT! Newgrounds needs more good flashes, worst comes to worst, you're proven wrong assholes. That's why I don't say stuff like that, cause I know I suck with flash, and, I'm not afraid to admit it.

One last thing though that really annoys me: Newgrounds... the "Grounds Gold" system. vote on 5 flashes and you get 10 experience points, vote on 50 and you get a whopping... 10 experience points... That's a little unfair. I mean I spend most of my free time on Newgrounds, because, as I've said before, I've no life, but honestly, I rate over one hundred flashes at least 4 days a week, and it would be nice to give the users who dedicate most of their day to Newgrounds, a little something more... I mean, you've got those of us who want to advance in the ranks a bit quicker than one level every 50 to 100 days, and I mean if you lose the opportunity to get one day's Grounds Gold, you lose those 10 points permanently. What gives? I have to be here everyday, no matter what, even if my house catches fire, I get expelled, am arrested, and have no computer access, or else I don't get my experience? I honestly think the system could use a bit of a revision. Perhaps grade 5 flashes a day get 10 experience, and everything beyond that maybe 1/2 an experience point per flash grades/reviews, and have the amount given per grade slowly decrease so as to keep it fair to those who only have limited access but still spend most of their day here.

But yeah, sorry for all who listen to my garbage rants. I've just wasted even more of your time. Thank you though, for actually paying attention to a random over opinionated guy.


Time to annoy you all with another pointless rant...


2009-01-10 01:17:40 by KazumaKyaroru

This is getting a bit ridiculous, you people complain about lag and give stuff bad ratings just cause "dis ain't my style, but wuz gud 'nuff. Hahahaha" C'mon people, more than three quarters of the time, the lag is because you have a slow computer or a bad internet connection, most of these "laggy submissions" run smoother than silk on my computer, and mine isn't anywhere near top of the line. On to the second part, that's getting a bit ridiculous, really now... Rate something low if it's bad, and EVEN THEN, GIVE CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM, how can the author improve said flash? Don't rate low if you don't like it. And another thing, you guys all bitch about "use proper Engrish in flashes," but look at your own comments to these flashes, it's as though none of you has ever bothered to even try learning your precious "proper English."

Now yes, there is a large portion of Newgrounds that this does not apply to (the main 90 percent of Newgrounds, please forgive my rant, you are awesome. ^_^)

However, the other ten percent, you really need to either go and learn this "proper" way to talk, learn to like EVERYTHING, and buy new, somewhat decent computers, or simply STFU and learn to stop acting the way you are currently. Seriously, you people can be the worst people on the internet... But... you have the potential to be the best, now if you could just start giving decent reviews, maybe we'd be getting somewhere and contributing something to "society."

Anyways, to all of you to whom this does not apply, again, I apologize for this rant, but some stuff must be said, and I appreciate your patience with me. As for the rest of you... yeah... work on that stuff please. It'd benefit everyone. So yeah...
K peoples, byes.


2009-01-04 04:50:04 by KazumaKyaroru

I have a few ideas for flash movies and games, however today is my first time touching any animation program at all, and thus, I will not be uploading said ideas for quite a bit (Mainly thanks to school work) however, I shall be working on it in the near future.

P.S. for anyone who actually cares to see possibly the best two flashes on all of Newgrounds, here's the links to 'em both:

:The Composer: By JAZZA


How are you now? By ttback

Here's the deal

2009-01-03 13:56:48 by KazumaKyaroru

People who are jackasses will be banned. Just figured I'd bring that out to you all, not gonna say any names *cough*lololololol-bot*cough* Especially one's such as previously mentioned who have useless pages that make mockeries of the freedoms given on Newgrounds. (If you don't believe me (especially if you're a moderator/admin/bot who's about to delete me cause of this post referring to someone else in a negative way), take a peak at this user's page and tell me it's not questionable when random minors view profile pages without any warning of such material being present) If you have a comment, feel free to share it, you do (far as I know and am concerned) have freedom of speech, however, I do warn you that unless you have something nice to say, a decent question, or comment, or some constructive criticism, I have the right to ban you.
Thank you and have a good day.

As for you lololololol-bot, at current you are not banned, because I did not say such before you posted, however, from this point forward, if you are going to say something dumb such as in your deleted comment: name calling, save it for someone who actually cares.

Bored, too much Homework

2009-01-03 10:49:08 by KazumaKyaroru

Newgrounds is great, seriously, with the exception of the random flamers that make up this wonderful site, it's perfect, submit your own stuff, or watch/play others' stuff. And, best of all, most of everything's free, though I would really like to know how I could get out of spending 500+ dollars on a single program to make flashes... eh, moving on, I will be starting to make flashes after I finish my homework and in my free time when I'm not recording LPs for youtube, check em out, who knows, maybe I'll post something decent>> youtube channel

Bored, too much Homework